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Daughter of Destiny

The man lost his balance as he tried to stand; he was too close to the edge. His hand grabbed out reaching for a hold of something, anything to stop his fall. His hand found the chain around the young woman’s neck and her eyes widened with fear as she realized he was going to pull her over the cliff’s edge with him. Another hand shot out reaching for the young woman mere seconds too late to be of help. She grasped at the helping hand, frantically, and felt nothing but air as she felt herself falling…falling …falling. The icy waters hit her and knocked the breath out of her. She struggled, kicking and pulling, as she tried to reach the surface. Suddenly, a blinding pain seared through the back of her head as it connected with rock and she sank slowly. Paralyzed, the young woman could see the dim light above her start to fade and then there was nothing but darkness…


The dreaming started when she was still a child and with it came the knowledge that she was more than just, Chloe McKenna, a simple girl from Georgia. Somehow Chloe knew that the dreams were memories of a past that was not her own and yet she felt an undeniable connection to these dreams. Unintelligible and mystifying, this knowledge forcefully entwined itself through Chloe’s young mind, like the membranes of an orange which twist and twine themselves in an unyielding parody of some hidden meaning of life. Confusing and disturbing though it was, the memories relentlessly consumed Chloe’s thoughts until she became alerted to a presence that dwelt inside of her. A presence which, filtered through the ages and reduced by time, she sensed had once been powerful but was now only a faded memory of existence.

Still, she could feel the antiquated presence and she knew, without a doubt, that it existed. Awareness of the presence first came to Chloe in the form of a “Voice,” which seemed to engross her childish thoughts and speak to her of things she could not possibly understand. Memories of a past life? Some psychic connection to another being? Why, or for what reason, she knew not. Beyond the all-consuming “voice,” Chloe also possessed an abnormal ability. Like a sixth sense, Chloe could see through people to their true human nature at an almost frightening degree. Chloe learned to hide this unique ability from others at a young age as it made her alarmingly aware, for a child of only eight, and completely misunderstood.

Although the presence had never physically harmed her, a foreboding anxiety of the impending future ingrained itself in Chloe’s childish mind. The child feared the presence. She was scared that one day she would die as she did in her dreams, night after night. The dreaming stayed with Chloe into adulthood, but throughout her teenage years the voice became silent and Chloe began to forget the presence dwelled within.

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